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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yo!! How are you guys. I long time havent posted anything about what I did recently.Ok here goes.

26th October, 2008

Loud! Concert 2008 was awesome, my band played again as we had last year. One Red Paperclip, the band who also shared the stage with us last year. This year got 3 new bands played at Loud! , Aero Trio.another 6 piece band. Our own local band, Winner Of BOB 2007, Bus Company Band.It was a great experience to see them play for my very first time, learnt a lot of things about music. Another Christian band, 1.a.m. , a worship band from a Puchong church,Eaglepoint Covenant Fellowship.They travel to every country and organize Christian events and conferences. The whole concert was a successful event.We had dance performances by my own youth church members, human foosball, junkyard invaders playing percussion and buckets and games n food. Next year, I think Loud! Concert 2009 is gonna be on July, so be prepared and block all your dates and times for this event next year.ok thats all, photos will be posted next time when I'm free.

31st October, 2008

KDU College has organized this Charity Halloween Party for the Semoa childrens.It was awesome.They had dance performances, band performances and other performances. My 2nd band was featured the first band to play that day. We played That's What You'd Get and Sk8tr Boi. I made a mistake when coming to bridge of the Paramore song.forgotten that part,hehe. Met a lot of people,take pictures with a lot of people with costumes.Oh yea,Darren perform as well with Sam Oh from Bus Co. , Ryan(good drummer) and another fella', their band was good. It was another Halloween experience since the last time I had it about 10 years ago at Hartamas with my family.That's all I've gotta say.

4th November, 2008

My family and I went for this jazz concert at MPO, Unit Asia was performing at MPO for their very first time. Tay Cher Siang, our malaysian jazz pianist, 3 Japanese musician and a Thai saxophonist. One of them is the drummer from The Square(T-Square) and Synchronized DNA, some of you may know him, Noritake Hiroyuki, the drummer played aside with Akira Jimbo. Anyways it was a great experience finally to meet and take pictures with him. They played very well, i totally enjoy the concert.After the concert, my family went to No Black Tie and the band was there to play for a session.Unfortunately, Noritake Hiroyuki was sick when he came down from Japan to KL to perform, even he was sick,yet he played so well.That's all I have to say. Pictures for this event will be uploaded soon.

20th Nov 2oo8

My school had our annual Awards Night, this time it was held at Grace PJ.It was alright, compared last year, the performance has been shorten and lesser than previous year. They showed a video of GRC since 2003, I could see myself and my friends around me whom I know since 2003, people like Jon Roberts, Bryant Sum, Ian Fan and many more. We were so small that time. And now, all of us has grown up. I really missed those time. The awards presentation were the longest in the programme that night.More students came in...anyways to cut short the awards presentation...After all those, we had our photo sessions, go around taking pics. So about 10pm, I drove Shabeta, Shu Way, Dawn and my sis, we had supper with Aunt Lilian's family and some other people from GRC to nearby my house, opposite Maybank, the mamak. We had a great bonding time together.I wish we had more of these.anyways, photos will be posted at my sis's blog, www.emmanuel-godwithme.blogspot.com . Stay tuned for the pics.

21st Nov 2008

GRC had our last class party of the year, it was boring and cool at the same time. We had food & drinks, games and other stuffs. We took pics again and say our goodbyes' til next year, we'll meet again. I also wanna thank God, that Kelvin Wong has finally discharge from Sunway Hospital, after suffering for dengue fever for the pass 2 days. I hope he continue to stay strong with God and May God bless him and his family in everything they do.

That's all for the month of October and November.Stay tuned for more updates about events and all that I've done.God bless you all and take care.

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Friday, October 24, 2008
KDU Halloween Charity Fair
KDU Halloween Charity Fair
Come on down to KDU College for a night of mayhem on Halloween! Flaunt your Halloween costume and rock the night with us at KDU !
Date: 31st Oct 08
Time: 5 P.M. onwards
Venue: KDU Auditorium
Ticket Price: RM 10 (Meal & Drink included)
Dress code: Costumes are Encouraged
Activities: Live Bands, Haunted House, Best-Dressed Competition, Dance, Performances, Games and FOOD!
Why we're doing this:The children of SEMOA (Orang Asli Semenanjung Malaysia) are part of the 76.9% of Orang Asli who live below the poverty line. We want to help to provide them with the opportunity to learn and better themselves - to break the poverty barrier.
James is a KDU maintainance staff who has recently lost his home and all his worldly belongings, in a fire. James has been working in KDU College for 3 years and earns a minimum wage. Savings were never a priority. With the little he earns, James has to support his family. He has asked for nothing more than the basic essentials, just to ease his suffering. So come and help us - You can do good AND have a lot of fun!
For more information, contact :
Julie: 012 9191 688
Elisa: 012 3488 375
*Ticket sales will start on the 11th Oct, Saturday. To purchase a ticket please call :
Julie: 012 9191 688
Elisa: 012 3488 375
Kevin: 016 2025 846
Calling hours : from 9am-9pm
After purchasing a ticket, we will ask for your name, contact details and identification number.*Purchasing of ticket on the day of the event may or may not be valid. Most advisable to purchase the ticket before the day of event.*This is for security reasons. By doing so, it will help us greatly organizing the event.Thank you for the kind support.
First 100 early bird tickets, will receive a goodie bag!


Guys, this is an event you don't want to miss okay! We have really, really good bands playing on this night such as the Smoking Barrels (With Roshan from K Town Clan!) and a whole lot more. PLUS if you're the first 100 to purchase a ticket, you get a goodie bag which has some cool stuff okay! And I'm not saying it just because.

So please, please, PLEASE come and support this event! It's soooo gonna be worth every cent of your 10 ringgit! :D For more information, visit the blog at http://www.kduhalloweencharityfair08.blogspot.com/


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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Loud! Concert 2008

LOUD! Concert '08

Hey guys Loud! Concert '08 is coming on your way,be sure to block all your plans for that day.That one day of awesome time.You would not want to miss it.There will be games, band performance, food & beverages and much more.Invite whoever you know,any race are welcome. Invite all your friends also.Those who came last year, you would know how does it feels like to be in the concert again.Btw to the fans of my band and those who supported us last year, Undefined. Great News!! We are playing again this year as we played last year.Details are below.

Venue: Dream Centre, 2 Jalan 13/1, 46200, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: October 26th, 2008
Time: 5.30pm-9pm
Fees:Free Admission
Guest Performance by: 3 bands will playing, yet to be confirmed. (Bands soon to be confirmed Bus Company( Winner of BOB 2007) Undefined ( my band), 1am( Joel Ngui's band,played for last year's Loud! Concert as well) and 2 other bands.)

Ok, I'll show you a sneak preview of last year's Loud! Concert, but this year is a little different.Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuuEDsUjQ2E
And LOUD! 2008 promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m7Aup5dUvg
For more info, please login to Facebook and search for Loud! 2008 , under Events category.

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Hey guys Undignified from Singapore is coming down to KL Baptist Church and having a worship night. details are below and poster is above.
Venue: KL Baptist Church
Date: 18th October
Time: 7.30pm

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who reminds you of the names...


1. Andrew - Andrew Sanjay,Andrew Lim,Andrew Wong
2. Austin -
3. Benjamin- Ben Chin, Ben Lim, Ben Soon, Ben Wong, Ben Teng, Ben Ong.
4. Brandon - Brandon Tan, Brandon Ho
5. Chad - Chad Smith
6. Christopher -Christopher Woon, Christopher Lim
7. Daniel - Daniel Lim, Daniel Foong, Daniel Foo, Daniel Hoe
8. Derek -
10. Ethan - Ethan Foo ( my cousin )
11. Gabriel - Gabriel Ooi, Gabriel Ngui
12. Hunter -
13. Ian - Ian Fan, Ian Kam, Ian Lim
14. Isaac - Isaac Thong, Isaac Wong, Isaac Lim
15. Jacob - Uncle Jacob
16. Joseph - Joseph Lien, Joseph Chin
17. Kevin - Uncle Kevin, Kevin Lee, Kevin Lim
18. Logan -
19. Matthew - Matthew Tan, Matthew Lim
20. Michael - Michael Wong, Michael Kiang (My uncle)
21. Nicholas - Nicholas Foong, Nicholas Teo, Nicholas Foong ( my band's guitarist)
22. Noah -
23. Phillip - Phillip Teh, Phillip Devadas
24. Ryan - Ryan Chin, Ryan Lim
25. Samuel - Samuel Lim, Samuel Liau, Samuel Saw (from DrummerForChrist), Samuel Oh( Bus Co.)
26. Shawn - Shawn Tan.
27. Thomas - Thomaz Chee (breakdancer from Urban Groove), Thomas Chieng (my tuition tutor)
28. Tyler -
29. William -
30. Zachary - Zachary Ng

1. Alice - Alice Foo
2. Amanda - Amanda Wong, Amanda Lee
3. Beth -
4. Becky -
5. Catherine - Ms. Catherine.
6. Crystal - Crystal Liew
7. Danielle -
8. Elizabeth - Elizabeth Wong
9. Esther - Esther Liau, Esther Lim, Esther Lee
10. Fiona -
11. Gianna -
12. Grace - , Grace Kam & Grace Goh.
13. Hannah - Hannah Wong, Hannah Lim, Hannah Pee
14. Hillary -
15. Jennifer -
16. Kristen -
17. Lauren -
18. Lydia - Lydia Chang, Lydia Tan, Lydia Wester.
19. Melissa - Melissa Lien, Melissa Ong, Melissa Foo (my mum) & Melissa Liau, Melissa Foong( my band's backup vocalist), Melissa Yeap
20. Mia -
21. Natalie - Natalie Wong, Natalie ( Nickname "Pocoyo" from GRC)
22. Rachel - Rachel Yau, Rachel Lim, Rachel Wong, Rachel See, Rachel Lau
23. Rebecca - Rebecca Chin and Rebecca Mooi
24. Sarah - Sarah Ti , Sarah Lim, Sarah See, Sarah Liau, Sarah Yong, Sara Leong
25. Stephanie - Stephanie Lim ( my cousin ), Stephanie Wong
26. Tiara -
27. Tiffany - Tiffany Woo
28. Vanessa - Vanessa Lim
29. Wendy - Wendy ( from GRC)
30. Zoe - Zoe Tai, Zoe Lim, Zoe Ng

Tag five people and tell them in their chatterbox.
Brenda Cher
Shabeta Kumar
Kelvin Wong
Sophira Chong
Roanne Lau

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Pics from Passion

The stage

Chris Tomlin worship leading

Everyone worshipping

The crowds

The crowds singing "How Great Is Our God"

The Passion

Louie Giglio on screen


Me again

Passion World Tour

My sis

"How Great Is our God
And All Will See"

Well i think that is all, if i have somemore i'll post more in this post.The pics are a little blur because its so dark.

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Monday, August 4, 2008
Passion World Tour KL
Hey guys,now I got something to post about,haha.Well my sis and I went for the Passion World Tour Conference. We followed Jamie to Sunway from church, Sarah and Jon followed as well. So we arrived there, I went to collect my tickets for my sis and I. We both wanna thank God for the tickets because we prayed for it, somehow tickets all solded out but then I asked around and there was last 2 for sales. I saw Ms Cath, Joshua Teo(my XYZ cg's friend), some Grace Church's members, some DUMC's members, my ex-church members and some familiar faces I don't know what are their names. Well lets start with my story post about Passion below. Pics will be uploaded soon.

~Passion Conference~

It was awesome, I totally enjoy the conference, the worship and the sermon.I jumped til my legs already pain but I still continue, haven't had so much jumping and fun at Christian events and concerts since the last Hillsong United Concert at Glad Tidings.Chris Tomlin was great, so as Charlie Hall.The worship was great too. Louie Giglio shared awesome sermons and stories. So I did took some pics which it isn't allowed to but who cares, everyone is enjoying the time of worship.Chris Tomlin lead the worship first and Charlie.Chris sang some familiar songs and Charlie sang some songs I've never listen before.Worship was awesome.then Louie shared about a girl named Ashley from her journal which had turn out to be an influenced to the world and made into a book. The story was touching, it talks about how the life of Ashley has turn from a very spoiled girl into a Christian girl. It has some humors in it as well. In the story there are few things, Cryster(known as Fruit Cake),bad words(mention as "Blank") and many more, well I wouldn't talk about the whole story 'cause its pretty long, I'll just say some parts. "Fruit Cake" actually is the one who lead her into Christianity by showing her some of Louie Giglio's sermons in DVDs. And Ashley emailed to Louie Giglio and he replied her, and he even posted her emails and about her on the blog , 268blog.com, go check it out. Although she has got into Christianity only for 3 months because she died in a car accident at age of 22 years old. I understand some parts of the story and some I don't. After sermon, Chris lead for the last set of worship for the conference. We sang my all time favorite Christian hymn, Amazing Grace( My Chains are Gone), it was great hearing that song in live version. After concert ends, Jamie sented me and my sis home. That conference is one of the best events in my life, I hope to meet Chris Tomlin in person in the future. Anyways the Passion team is heading to Jakarta on the 5th August,so please pray for a revival at Jakarta as we Malaysian also were prayed by Manila, the previous nation they had Passion World Tour. Oh yea, we are the 7th nation that Passion team has been to, so after Jakarta, they've got 9 more cities to go. So lets continue to pray for the Passion team to bring a revival to the whole world. God bless you all.


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